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August 24, 2011 1:06 pm
  • Gary: Oh! There's a joke. Bill said you like your coffee like you like your... mmm.
  • Cameron: Men.
  • Gary: Men.
  • Rachel: It's an inappropriate joke, Gary.
  • Gary: Bill said women.
1:05 pm
  • Gary: Hicks, go right. I said go right. You have to listen to me. I'm calling the shots here.
  • Cameron: Calm down.
  • Gary: It's showtime.
  • Cameron: Yeah, you said that already.
  • Gary: Yeah, I know.
1:04 pm
  • Gary: Okay, we have to go this way. You have to follow the bug.
  • Cabdriver: The bug?
  • Gary: Yeah. Go forward. Follow the bug forward.
  • Cabdriver: The bug better have money, my friend.
1:00 pm August 23, 2011 7:14 pm 7:13 pm
"Yeah. It’s show time. You have to listen to me, I’m calling the shots! It’s show time!"

Gary Bell - Alphas (via squibsarebeast)
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